Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tutorial: Glitter all Over

Who never wanted something tacky? Well, it's been a while since I was D-Y-I-N-G to do a glitter shoe! So I did it and in turned out just FABULOUS!

In a few steps I'm going to show you how I did.

      You will need:
            - One pair of shoes;
            - White glue;
            - Any color in gliter that you want;
            - Two containers that you (or your mom) don't mind throwing it away;
            - An old cheap brush;   
            - Newspaper to cover the floor;

           - Varnish in spray;
           - Stylet tool;

Lets Get Started!

            1st Step: Set everything, cover the floor with newspaper. In one container mix all the glitters that you've got and in the other one, put about half inch of white glue (it also depends on how big is the container that you are going to use), and after add some drops of the glitter on the glue container.

2nd Step: Prepare your shoe, you will need to cover it with tape. Leave half inch of extra tape, it will help from getting glitter inside your shoe, then apply tape on your soles too.

 If you want to do your heels too, don't cover it and juts tape the tip sole, be careful to tape only where you don't want glitter, if you leave glitter in the soles, it WILL chip off!

3rd Step: If your shoe doesn't have any detail skip this step.
I don't recommend covering a bow or a stud in you shoe with glitter, so sew it out or pull it off gently, be creative.

4th Step: Using your old and cheap brush dip it in the white glue mixed with a few glitter, and spread the glue in your shoe, before letting it dry you will sparkle a few glitters on top of the glue and press with your finger, tap on the sole to gently remove the excess. Repeat this process until you've covered the whole shoe.

5th Step: If you decided to glam up your heels too, you can do it like the last step, but in my opinion, it wont last long. So what you can do is add more glitter to the glue when you are making the heel. The glue will help to stick more the glitter to your heels, will prevent it from falling around.

6th Step: Let it dry for a day and take off carefully the tape, the stylet may help. Use the varnish spray to seal and bond the glitter to your shoe, and you are done! You now have some new super glamourous Diva shoes to shine on!

Ps: (walking around on your diva shoes without the spray will make bunches of the glitter fall out)

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