Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Eve

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dia de los Muertos: Killz

      Feliz día de los Muertos!

      In celebration to a mexican commemoration, I introduce you to Killz.

      "Killz started a few years ago, when I only made the shirts as a hobbie, to give as gifts to my friends and customize my own clothes. I started to think in turn this hobbie into something more", worlds from Ana Flávia Tatis, the designer of Killz.

"The name Killz, came on just this year, it is a reference to a band which has a strong connection with fashion, it match with this brand and I like very much, the band The Kills."

"The T's are handmade, without machines, the whole process from cutting the fabric until the stitches and application of studs."

"Using as inspiration the famous mexican skulls of the brazilian fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch, I created this first line of t-shirts mixing the harsh characteristics of the skull and the finesse of the details in the patch."


Oficial page on Facebook: Killz 


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Burgundy Berry Shade

Burgundy Berry Shade

Burgundy Berry Shade by ninev featuring a burgundy jacket

       Season color: Burgundy! It is all among Berry and Wine shades. This Winter/Fall trend. We are talking here about this beautiful color. You can wear it as a statement color in a coat, a dress, a shirt or you can use it in accessories to complement other colors such as black, white, beige and wheat tons, gray, even a peachy rose, mustard and navy blue, they can look more casual but quite nice together.                                                                                                                  

       As cosmetics you can now you can find a whole new variety of berry lipsticks and nail polishes. In Brazil, it came as "Grape" or "Uva", by Natura, and for nail polishes you may find "Ameixa" by Colorama. In a American brand you may like the Wet n Wild lipstick and nail polish. For a high quality you may like Lancôme lipstick and nail polish.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tutorial: Glitter all Over

Who never wanted something tacky? Well, it's been a while since I was D-Y-I-N-G to do a glitter shoe! So I did it and in turned out just FABULOUS!

In a few steps I'm going to show you how I did.

      You will need:
            - One pair of shoes;
            - White glue;
            - Any color in gliter that you want;
            - Two containers that you (or your mom) don't mind throwing it away;
            - An old cheap brush;   
            - Newspaper to cover the floor;

           - Varnish in spray;
           - Stylet tool;

Lets Get Started!

            1st Step: Set everything, cover the floor with newspaper. In one container mix all the glitters that you've got and in the other one, put about half inch of white glue (it also depends on how big is the container that you are going to use), and after add some drops of the glitter on the glue container.

2nd Step: Prepare your shoe, you will need to cover it with tape. Leave half inch of extra tape, it will help from getting glitter inside your shoe, then apply tape on your soles too.

 If you want to do your heels too, don't cover it and juts tape the tip sole, be careful to tape only where you don't want glitter, if you leave glitter in the soles, it WILL chip off!

3rd Step: If your shoe doesn't have any detail skip this step.
I don't recommend covering a bow or a stud in you shoe with glitter, so sew it out or pull it off gently, be creative.

4th Step: Using your old and cheap brush dip it in the white glue mixed with a few glitter, and spread the glue in your shoe, before letting it dry you will sparkle a few glitters on top of the glue and press with your finger, tap on the sole to gently remove the excess. Repeat this process until you've covered the whole shoe.

5th Step: If you decided to glam up your heels too, you can do it like the last step, but in my opinion, it wont last long. So what you can do is add more glitter to the glue when you are making the heel. The glue will help to stick more the glitter to your heels, will prevent it from falling around.

6th Step: Let it dry for a day and take off carefully the tape, the stylet may help. Use the varnish spray to seal and bond the glitter to your shoe, and you are done! You now have some new super glamourous Diva shoes to shine on!

Ps: (walking around on your diva shoes without the spray will make bunches of the glitter fall out)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Drug Store Nail Polishes: Revlon

Drug Store Nail Polishes: Revlon

Drug Store Nail Polishes: Revlon por ninev usando revlon nail polish

1- Ocean Breeze 320

2- Not So Bluebarry 360

3- Sparkling 261

4- Blue Moisac 934

5- One Perfect Coral 990

6-  Fushia Fever 040

7- Revlon Red 680

8- Vixen 570

9- Pink Nude 900

10- Sheer Blush 005

11- Grape Fizz (no number) 

12- Tangerine 410


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Litas Obsession!

       Litas Obsession!

Lita is these fabulous shoes criated by Jeffrey Campbell. They are super trendy and cute! Come in so many different styles and great for all seasons! Below there is a list of where you can get them online.

1 - Lita Macrame

2 - Lita Rose Gold

3 - Lita Golden Glitter

4 - Lita Brown Suede

5 - Lita Nude Suede

6 - Lita Black Lace

7 - Lita America

8 - Lita Spike Heels

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Oh, Prada!

Prada - A Therapy

      Surely fits anyone! With great taste in high fashion, and money.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Primer here we go!

      So one friend of mine asked me about foundation, concealer and stuff to cover up our face to look like you have an angles face, with out looking like you have putted make up on. And one more thing, I'm not doing a review on specific products, so I'll talk abut simple things that you can do with any brand.

      First! Clean your skin! it is the most important step to do. You want to remove all the dust, dead skin and oil from your face before applying any product on. Starting with water and soap scrub with a soft sponge (if you have acne is highly recommended that you use the sponge very gentle, because you don't want any scars in the future). Than we move on to skin tonics in Brazil we have two products that are very easy to have, they are cheap and work pretty well, you can use THIS or THAT (but I prefer this). If you are not in Brazil you can go to your local pharmacy or beauty supply store and ask for skin tonics, Nivea has some great tonics and it is a international brand, so I'm pretty sure you can get it anywhere! If you have acne try Clean Clear, they have some special ones for oily and acne skin.

      Second, prime your skin! Now, you can use a actual primer from some fancy makeup brand that you like or you can use a neutral facial cream. If you have oily skin use a oil FREE cream, do not use an ordinary cream! But there is one more type of skin, the type "Oh my 'T' zone!", well it's not hard at all, your skin is normally dried around your face and under your eyes, but it is oily in the forehead, nose and chin. A great tip is to take away the oil from your 'T' zone with your tonic, and then apply your oil free cream or primer over that.

      Third, quick concealing. Try to get those colorful concealers and I'll explain you why they are for. The normal concealer which is just your skin color or one shade darker is good to have on your clutch bag, but if you need to cover acne, dark circles, or some redness let's use it right! There are basically two colors that are must have, they are the green and the yellow concealer ones. The green you will use to cover redness and acne and the yellow for the dark circles of your eyes or a bruise, anything purple on your skin, easy like that!

 Look at our friend here, she used a concealer which looks lighter than her skin to cover 
her dark circles. On photos, you must use a yellow concealer or one darker without SPF.

      Fourth, foundation! For liquid foundation you must find the perfect ton for your skin, if your face is between two colors just buy the two of them and mix it together, by putting a very small amount on the back of your hand and apply it on your face with a soft brush. Now you can use a foundation brush to spread the liquid foundation and after you use a sponge to press gently on top of your foundation, OR you can use a fluffy brush, like a blush brush or a two fibre brush, then spread the foundation from the back of your hand into your face until you have covered all you wanted. You can see below some brushes that might help you.
Foundation Brush             Powder Brush                   Blush Brush     
                                              ( Fluffy Brush )           ( Contouring Brush)

      Fifth, contouring! Take your contouring brush, it can be any fluffy brush! Even your blush brush, just make sure it is clean before you use! Now you apply on the side of the bridge of your nose, on your jaw line, under the apples of your face and in the corners of your forehead, close to your hair line. And you are done! :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cocktail Outfits

Cocktail Outfits

Cocktail Outfits by ninev featuring high heels

       Ok, It's been a while since I don't come in here and post something, so let me explain this post. Those outfits are for a Cocktail occasion, where you need to be dressy but not as much as a Black Tie event. 
       Starting from left to right, the first one it's the one for you that want to be amazingly dressed, with a textured leather skinny pants, and there is a little rule that if you are not going to gym, you cannot wear leggings without covering some of your butt zone, then I recommend using a blouse that is a little longer to cover it all. This blouse is great to wear together with the leather pant, the bow in the neck, the shimmer, the black wrist it and it is loose (because since we are using something tight in the bottom, we need to loose it up in the top). To end this outfit I paired with a strapless shoe and some jewelry. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Metallic Nails

Metallic Nail Polish are great, is definitely a international trend, here I have some glitter ones form Essie. In my opinion the chunky glitters are better, not only because they have more effect, but they are now everywhere!

Luxeffects by Essie:

Arezzo Nail Polish, Arezzo is a brazilian brand, and this year they brought those gorgeous polish colors! I'm crazy about this metallic orange / copper color, it really looks like you have dropped liquid copper on your nails!

Manhattan Cosmetics is german and have those colors a while, the silver is fine but this golden one looks so great when applied, it looks like a nude but Metallic! I can't even describe how gorgeous this nail polish is! Definitely, my favorite!


So if you like to have any of those polishes which one it would be? And from Arezzo, each polish coast US$8 (R$16,90) and if you want you can buy at this web site Arezzo Esmaltes and if you want a polish from Essie you can buy HERE!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mint to Tiffany Blue

Mint to Tiffany Blue

Mint as a trend color is great as a accessory or a statement piece, like a cardigan or a dress. The pastel tons are flowing pretty strong this cuple of seasons, and I think they are going to be arround a for long while. The Tiffany blue is very similar to Mint, it's kind of a light blue that wants to be green. This made me so confused! dependig of the picture that I was looking, I couln't tell if it was blue or green. I recomend you to try mixing mint with others pastel colors, or with a darker green in the same ton, like green petroleum, or even putting it together with black and white.

".. and I also believe that mint will be very big in fashion next spring." Lady Gaga, Marry The Night video.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Beginning

Hi everyone!

I got to tell you that I just couldn't wait to share with you!
Soon you will find here marvelous topics about clothes, shoes, make up, high fashion, hot trends, good vintage, a great section for shopping, and much more! Everything very Classy.

Enjoy :)