Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cocktail Outfits

Cocktail Outfits

Cocktail Outfits by ninev featuring high heels

       Ok, It's been a while since I don't come in here and post something, so let me explain this post. Those outfits are for a Cocktail occasion, where you need to be dressy but not as much as a Black Tie event. 
       Starting from left to right, the first one it's the one for you that want to be amazingly dressed, with a textured leather skinny pants, and there is a little rule that if you are not going to gym, you cannot wear leggings without covering some of your butt zone, then I recommend using a blouse that is a little longer to cover it all. This blouse is great to wear together with the leather pant, the bow in the neck, the shimmer, the black wrist it and it is loose (because since we are using something tight in the bottom, we need to loose it up in the top). To end this outfit I paired with a strapless shoe and some jewelry. 

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