Sunday, June 10, 2012

Primer here we go!

      So one friend of mine asked me about foundation, concealer and stuff to cover up our face to look like you have an angles face, with out looking like you have putted make up on. And one more thing, I'm not doing a review on specific products, so I'll talk abut simple things that you can do with any brand.

      First! Clean your skin! it is the most important step to do. You want to remove all the dust, dead skin and oil from your face before applying any product on. Starting with water and soap scrub with a soft sponge (if you have acne is highly recommended that you use the sponge very gentle, because you don't want any scars in the future). Than we move on to skin tonics in Brazil we have two products that are very easy to have, they are cheap and work pretty well, you can use THIS or THAT (but I prefer this). If you are not in Brazil you can go to your local pharmacy or beauty supply store and ask for skin tonics, Nivea has some great tonics and it is a international brand, so I'm pretty sure you can get it anywhere! If you have acne try Clean Clear, they have some special ones for oily and acne skin.

      Second, prime your skin! Now, you can use a actual primer from some fancy makeup brand that you like or you can use a neutral facial cream. If you have oily skin use a oil FREE cream, do not use an ordinary cream! But there is one more type of skin, the type "Oh my 'T' zone!", well it's not hard at all, your skin is normally dried around your face and under your eyes, but it is oily in the forehead, nose and chin. A great tip is to take away the oil from your 'T' zone with your tonic, and then apply your oil free cream or primer over that.

      Third, quick concealing. Try to get those colorful concealers and I'll explain you why they are for. The normal concealer which is just your skin color or one shade darker is good to have on your clutch bag, but if you need to cover acne, dark circles, or some redness let's use it right! There are basically two colors that are must have, they are the green and the yellow concealer ones. The green you will use to cover redness and acne and the yellow for the dark circles of your eyes or a bruise, anything purple on your skin, easy like that!

 Look at our friend here, she used a concealer which looks lighter than her skin to cover 
her dark circles. On photos, you must use a yellow concealer or one darker without SPF.

      Fourth, foundation! For liquid foundation you must find the perfect ton for your skin, if your face is between two colors just buy the two of them and mix it together, by putting a very small amount on the back of your hand and apply it on your face with a soft brush. Now you can use a foundation brush to spread the liquid foundation and after you use a sponge to press gently on top of your foundation, OR you can use a fluffy brush, like a blush brush or a two fibre brush, then spread the foundation from the back of your hand into your face until you have covered all you wanted. You can see below some brushes that might help you.
Foundation Brush             Powder Brush                   Blush Brush     
                                              ( Fluffy Brush )           ( Contouring Brush)

      Fifth, contouring! Take your contouring brush, it can be any fluffy brush! Even your blush brush, just make sure it is clean before you use! Now you apply on the side of the bridge of your nose, on your jaw line, under the apples of your face and in the corners of your forehead, close to your hair line. And you are done! :)

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